Seattle Pink Boat Regatta

Expectations & Rules of the Race

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The regatta will be governed by the current Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), except as modified by the Notice of Race (NOR), and these Sailing Instructions (SI). If there is a conflict between these SI’s, or the NOR, the SI’s will prevail. This changes RRS 63.7.


Racers are reminded that it is the sole responsibility of each boat to decide whether or not to start or continue the race. Also, try not to let balloons and other misc. plastic decorations get away. We have received complaints in the past.


Eligible boats may Register Your Boat. Registrations will be accepted until the end of the skippers meeting. The Skippers meetings will be held at 12:00PM on race day. Location TBD. There is free moorage at South Lake Union Park.


Notices to competitors will be posted on this website, by 0900 on the morning of the race. Boats shall check in by sailing by and hailing the committee boat before the race. The Race Committee may make announcements on VHF Channel 72 but will not take check-ins by radio.


First warning is expected to be at 2:00 pm. The class flag for each start will be the
number flag corresponding to each boats assigned class number.


The start line will be between an orange flag on the committee boat and start mark.


The time limit for all boats will be three hours after their class start. This changes RRS 35. A boat that retires prior to finishing shall notify the race committee--at the time she retires--via VHF channel 72.


Boats shall be scored using the “marks passed” method as described below:

  1. Each boat, at the end of the race, shall submit her declaration of number of marks passed, and the time of rounding the last mark. This means you will need to write down your time as you round each mark. Each boat shall be provided with a form for that purpose (Attachment B). After the race, go to, pick your Seattle, and click on the “Submit number of buoys” link to submit your number of buoys and time at last buoy. Your number of buoys must be submitted before 6:55 PM. We cannot accept finish times after that time.
  2. A boat shall receive a number of points equal to the number of marks passed, on the correct side and in the correct order, prior to the end of the time limit. For this purpose only, “passed” shall mean that the boat, or any part of it in its normal position, has passed the S/F line or its extension or, for other marks, a line from said mark perpendicular to the course from the prior mark.
  3. A fractional number of points will be added to the above total based on the amount of time remaining in the time limit (after the last mark rounding), the boats average speed to the last mark rounded, and the distance to the next mark. In no case will more than one whole mark be added to the total.
  4. The above number of points shall be multiplied by the “dcf” or “distance correction factor” calculated as follows: dcf = (550+handicap rating)/650.
  5. For certain trophies, except as set out below, boats will be credited with extra points (Buy a Buoy) based on donations. For every $100.00 donated, you will receive one additional mark rounding.
  6. Points earned by rounding marks will be announced as soon as possible after the finish of racing and you will be able to purchase extra points until 6:00PM. At that time, we will close the Buy-a-Buoy system and the points for each team will be final.


Preliminary class breaks will be posted on this website by 1700 on the Friday before the race. Class breaks will be finalized by 10am the morning of the race. Trophies will be awarded after the buy-a-buoy period ends at 6:00PM on the day of the race.

  • Pinkest Boat - Get creative this is subjective!
  • Most points overall 1- 3
  • Most points per yacht club (Club trophy)
  • Most buoys rounded overall (not subject to “Buy a Buoy”)
  • Least buoys rounded overall (not subject to “Buy a Buoy”)
  • Most buoys female skipper (not subject to “Buy a Buoy”)
  • Each class will be awarded 1st through 3rd place



The course begin at the Start mark "S", then will continue to "F" (Freeway), "A" (Aurora), and "R" AGC. Then continue to round marks F, A, and R until the time limit expires. The Start mark is not a mark of the course after you have started. A description of mark letters is provided in Attachment A.

All marks shall be rounded to Port.

After starting, each boat will continue to round the course, passing as many of the designated marks as possible until the 3-hour time limit is reached.


Attachment Athumbnail of Seattle Pink Boat Instructions 3


Attachment Bthumbnail of Seattle Pink Boat Instructions 4BUOY REPORTING FORM