Seattle's Lake Union

Notice of Race

This event is organized by the Pink Boat Regatta, Inc., a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation supporting The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). 100% of all net proceeds from this race will be donated to the BCRF to help stamp out breast cancer.

The race shall be run according to the current Racing Rules of Sailing except as modified by the Sailing Instructions (SI’s), and this Notice of Race (NOR).

Time: First warning is expected to be at 1:00pm.

Eligibility and Registration: The race is open to all boats under sail. Vessels may register here. Boats may be required to display a race participation flag which may bear the logos of one or more sponsors.

Moorage: Limited moorage for non-Lake Union boats will be available at South Lake Union Park beginning Friday, September 8th at 5pm through 10am Sunday, September 10th. Sailboats with moorage on Lake Union will be asked to return to their slips in order to accommodate as many visitors as possible.

Skippers Meeting: A Skippers meetings will be held at 11:00AM on race day in South Lake Union Park directly adjacent to the North linear dock (moorage location.) Copies of the sailing instructions and class breaks will be available.

Notices and Instructions: Notices and sailing instructions shall be posted on this website. Official race notices and amendments shall be posted on this website when available.

Divisions: Boats shall race in either a handicap or one-design class. One-design classes may be available if there are at least five similar entries. Boats may race in handicap divisions under a flying sails (FS) rating or non-flying sails (NFS) rating. Boats without a current FS or NFS handicap rating will be assigned one by the respective organizing authority. Preliminary class breaks will be posted at on this website by 1700 Friday, September 8th.

Scoring: The race shall run for a fixed 3-hour time period with boats being awarded a point for each buoy (mark rounding) rounded or passed during the race per SI’s. The point totals will be corrected based on handicap ratings to determine race standings. For designated trophies, a team may “buy” additional mark rounding’s to be added to their score. For every $100.00 or portion thereof donated on behalf of your sailboat, you will receive one additional buoy on race day (or portion thereof.). Buoys are available here.

Awards and Extra Prizes: In addition to recognition of the boats with the best corrected performance, there will be additional event-specific awards, including (subject to final announcements) Pinkest Boat, Most Points Overall, Most Buoys Rounded Overall, Least Buoys Rounded Overall, Most Buoys Female skipper, Most Buoys All Female Crew, and the Spirit Award.

Post-Race Party: There will be an awards party following the race beginning at 18:00, at the Museum of History and Industry (MOHI).

For questions or information please contact:

General event and sponsorship:

Ashley Bell, 201-746-5112

Seattle Race information and handicap rating:
Dan Randolph, 206-909-2800

Event Sponsorship Information:
Kandace Farley, 253-514-3084